Comments That Have Been Left From Readers Everywhere!​

"Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Entertaining Detours! Can't wait for the next book!!"
- Kristy, Texas​

"Enjoyed the book. Had it over half read by Saturday night and got up Sunday morning and finished it. I smiled, chuckled, laughed, and cried. You did a good job of writing where I could "hear" the conversation. Hope it makes you rich and famous!"
- Robbie

"A fascinating and very fun read. If you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Hong Kong, this book will enlighten and entertain you. Ever wondered about Goats? Be ready to be amazed at these intelligent and useful animals. Every wonder what life is like in Australia or East Texas? Be ready to learn and laugh. Need some advice on fatherhood and marriage? You will find tips galore and some definite pitfalls to avoid. The chapters stand on their own and are chock full of insightful observations of our hilarious human nature, revealed in the many humorous stories the author shares."
- Richard, an Amazon Reader

"Full of adventures and mishaps from all around the world, this is a glimpse into a life that was Mike Hawron's before we met him. Entertaining and whimsical, you will find yourself empathizing with his plight in many ways and at other times, thankful you were not anywhere in the vicinity. A worthy read for anyone that has never had the good fortune to experience foreign culture, and a must read for those fortunate enough to call Mike and Annette friends."
- Tim

"This book is great for a little get away during a business day. The short stories give reader tidbits of knowledge about other countries and cultures. There are several humorous stories and the titles make it interesting when deciding what to read next such as “The Wizard of Oops”. So much of this book makes you think I could really see those things happening."
- Tanya, Arkansas

"I've been wanting to write and tell you how reading your book was like sitting by a fire with a glass of wine and reconnecting with a dear friend. I enjoyed every second of the time with you!"
- Chris, Mexico

"I have recommended your book to other family members and friends for their reading enjoyment. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to get to know you and your family from reading Entertaining Detours. You have truly been blessed with many entertaining detours, from which those of us who have wisely chosen to read your book have benefited!"
- Laurie, New York

"You truly have a gift for story telling! I cannot believe all of the wonderful, scary, exhilarating and sad moments you have experienced in your lifetime. I cannot imagine such adventures!"
- Christine, Florida

"A lot of people are told they should write a book, and in some cases that is actually true. Michael J. Hawron is one of those people. There’s a reason for that. He’s amassed the type of life stories that make good fodder for storytelling, having lived on five continents in 30-some countries. Maybe it is just how he has lived his life that makes for a good story—or series of episodic adventures."
- Texarkana Gazette