About The Book: Entertaining Detours




Now you can!  Experience the international adventures of a seasoned globetrotter
in this breathtaking new memoir by Michael J. Hawron.

A delightful collection of memories that begins during his time at MIT in the early 1970s, Entertaining Detours chronicles one man's journey to over thirty different countries in five continents…including an eleven-year stint in Hong Kong that changes him forever.

Spurred by a newfound connection to the home in which he lived thirty years before,  Hawron completes his narrative by going full circle and returning to the country  with his son and grandson—not to mention an entirely new perspective.  It is there that he witnesses firsthand the sweeping changes that have occurred in his absence, including the monumental Chinese takeover from the formerly British colony.

Experience the understanding, love, and laughter that radiates from this heartwarming story of a life lived in adventure.

About The Book: The Little Town With The Big Heart



Home isn’t necessarily where you were born. And no one knows that better than world traveler Michael J. Hawron. He met his Danish wife in Hong Kong while doing missionary work, and their children were born in various cities around the world.

But now, home for the Hawrons is New Boston, Texas, in a historical house they happened upon by chance. The Little Town with the Big Heart is a compilation of the little memories, big coincidences, and obscure little facts that set this small town apart from big city living in a big way.

From the auspiciously smooth home birth of their youngest son, P. J., to the quirks that make New Boston a gem in the rural Texas countryside, Hawron captures the humor—and heart—of home in this fascinating memoir. 

About The Book: Just Good Clean Fun



Few people in the United States know about the CIA’s two top secret programs: Yin and Yang. Named for the ancient Asian symbols for light and dark, the organizations complement each other on missions throughout the globe.

The Yang contingent operates in the light, gathering information about the many enemies of the United States. The Yin team works in the shadows, handling the black ops work that makes other agents squeamish. So when a group of high-school friends are recruited by the Yin program, they struggle to keep their consciences clear while dealing with moral dilemmas and international threats.

At the center of it all is Mitch Hawkins, an MIT student and newly minted spy. Mitch knows he’s just an ordinary guy, but he’s about to be thrust into some quite extraordinary situations! He will have to rely on his wit, skills, and friends to survive the adventures awaiting him!

About The Book: Awesome Footsteps



Over three decades, in his travels to five continents, Michael J. Hawron spread the Gospel, sacrificed material comforts, and encountered many dangers. God, in turn, provided for his every need and protected him—sometimes miraculously.

One evening, while an MIT freshman, Michael J. Hawron experienced a disturbing encounter which transformed his established belief system. Shaken by the event, Michael prayed to God for guidance. That night, Michael experienced a vivid dream of peace and camaraderie.

Eighteen months later, while walking through Boston Common, he paused and realized the exact scene from his dream was playing out before his very eyes. This occurrence cemented Michael’s faith, which he would draw on continually during his decades of traveling the globe as a missionary. And this miracle would be only the first of many along his pathway.

Later, as a missionary, Michael J. Hawron encountered plenty of danger, from a knife-wielding mugger to the ravages of a fire. In each instance, God provided Hawron with safety and security during even the most trying times. While some people may insist these events are just coincidences, Michael sees the awesome hand of God at work along the footsteps of his life.

About The Author



Michael J. Hawron studied electrical engineering and behavioral sciences at the Sloan School of Management at MIT before taking a long break from his formal education to travel the world.

Over the next thirty years, Hawron ran various successful small businesses and nonprofits while living in over thirty different countries on five different continents. Along the way, he experienced countless unique adventures, including a close encounter with a group of baboons; surviving near shipwrecks, killer typhoons, earthquakes, and ball lightning; and giving directions to a lost Chinese platoon.

While living in Hong Kong, Hawron worked as a book editor for a PR firm. Having completed his master's degree in higher education at Texas A&M University, he now works as general manager of a digital design firm.

His greatest adventure of all, however, is fathering twelve children. Now a grandfather of fifteen, Hawron lives with his wife, Annette, in Texas.